R. David Kryder (USA)

I was born and raised on a farm in Ohio where I learned the benefits of hard work. By training I am a teacher. However, during my career I have founded six businesses, worked with a Fortune 500 corporation, and served as an elected public official.

Prior to retiring in 2002 I served on the Cornell University faculty. Under Cornell’s auspices I taught classes and workshops on intellectual property rights and contracts on all six inhabited continents.

Since 2005, although retired, I am a part-time Small Claims Hearing Officer (Judge) with the Pima County Justice Court. I am also an Arizona Attorney-General trained Mediator and have been active in local, Arizona, and national political activities.

On a part-time basis I am also an Adjunct Faculty member with the Pima Community College. There I teach various history and business classes as well as The History of The Holocaust. With a co-author we have written a children’s book series whose overall theme – featuring a five year-old boy named Max and his cat named Myron – is civility. The series teaches basic reading skills using stories to address proper behavior.

My wife and I have three children and three grandchildren.