Richard S. Cahoon (USA)

Dr. Richard Cahoon is president of BioProperty Strategy Group, Inc, an international intellectual property (IP) strategy and technology commercialization consulting firm. He was Director of technology transfer at Cornell University for twenty years.

Dr. Cahoon has over thirty years in R&D management, partnerships, commercialization, entrepreneurship, IP strategy, licensing, business development, negotiation, and mediation. He is an inventor/patentee. He advises companies, universities, governments, and non-profits on IP, technology transfer and commercialization policies and practices. He specializes in bioproperty and its relation to intellectual property.

Dr. Cahoon has helped create several dozen new technology companies and has been a board member of several companies and non-profit organizations.

He is on the faculty at Cornell where he teaches courses in Intellectual Property Management. He has led numerous graduate seminars, professional workshops and short-courses.

He received undergraduate degrees in Political Science/History from the University of Utah, with minors in Biology and Spanish; an M.S. in Bioprocessing from Montana State, and a PhD, from Cornell in Natural Resources.

Dr. Cahoon often serves as an expert in IP litigations, and has conducted numerous IP/technology valuations. He has been an advisor to the World Bank, the governments of Qatar, Thailand, Philippines, the State of Michigan as well as universities, companies, and NGOs in Turkey, Chile, Japan, Jamaica, South Africa, India, Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the US, and the EU.