3 July 2015

ILP Vegetable welcomes a new member to the association

ILP Vegetable welcomes a new member to the association
East-West Seed’s Ard Groot - vice chairman of the supervisory board - and Ben Tax, ILP chairman of the Board, signed the admission documents on June 30, 2015. East-West Seed is the 12th vegetable breeder to join the ILP Vegetable.

About East-West Seed:

Family-owned East-West Seed has played an important role in development and improvement of tropical vegetable varieties in Southeast Asia and beyond. When he founded the company in 19982, Dutch Seedsman Simon Groot decided to contribute to better income for smallholder farmers in the tropics. East-West Seed develops high-quality vegetable varieties that are adapted to tropical circumstances and generate increased yield and production. In addition, the company educates farmers and helps them to maximize their yield and income.

East-West Seed is one of the 10 largest vegetable seed companies in the world. It claims market leadership in the most import Southeast Asian countries and is expanding rapidly into India, Myanmar, Vietnam and parts of Africa and South America. The company exports to over 60 countries in tropical areas of the world.

East-West Seed is based in Bangkok, employs over 4.000 people and has R&D establishments in 7 countries. The company serves over 18 million farmers around the world.
More information on www.eastwestseed.com.