Q & A

On this page you can find some frequently asked questions and answers about the International Licensing Platform Vegetable.
  1. Where can I find the updated members list of the ILP Vegetable association?

  2. How can I become a member of the ILP Vegetable? 

  3. What is the contribution fee to join the ILP Vegetable?

  4. Which crops are included in the ILP Vegetable?

  5. Where can I find the list of patents which are available for licensing?

  6. How do I get a license under the ILP Vegetable?

  7. What is the baseball procedure? 

  8. Is the ILP Vegetable going to publish the royalty percentages it has set?

  9. What is the MFN percentage?

  10. Why is there no “MFN lump sum”?

  11. What is the Standard License Agreement?

  12. Are all patents of the members included?

  13. Is breeding allowed under the ILP?

  14. What is meant by the “notification” (annex 4 of of the Internal Regulations)?

  15. Would the seed deposited at an official institute for the purpose of a patent application be considered as legally available for breeding purposes?

  16. Does membership of the ILP Vegetable give the right to ask for material from patent holders?

  17. Does the ILP Vegetable also concern patents related to GM traits?

  18. Does the ILP Vegetable include process patents?

  19. Can I use patented technology under the ILP?

  20. What  happens if a member has granted an exclusive license to a third party before its membership; is there a legal basis on which that member can be forced to open the contract with that third party?

  21. Does membership of the ILP Vegetable affect license agreements made before becoming a member?

  22. What if a member co-owns a patent with other parties that are not a member? 

  23. Can members of the ILP Vegetable still grant exclusive licenses to other members and non-members? 

  24. Why does the Members’ Agreement need to be signed to become a member?

  25. What if a member does not comply with the obligations of the ILP Vegetable?

  26. How are decisions taken in the ILP Vegetable?

  27. What are the Internal Regulations?

  28. What if I want to terminate membership?

  29. What are the consequences if the ILP Vegetable as such ceases to exist? 

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